How to Score Tennis

A good way to learn how to score a Tennis match is to watch Tennis (Wimbledon is on right now you should watch that). But I’ll tell you how here anyways.
The two players both start with 0 points (as in all games), called Love. So when you serve you say “Love, Love” and that means Zero-Zero. Then, let’s say player 1 scores a point against player 2. Then, the score is 15-Love, which is 15-0. Then, player 2 scores a point against player 1. Now its 15 all which is 15-15. Player 1 scores a point, and its 30-15. Player 2 scores another point, and its 30 all. 30-30. Ok you’re probably bored of reading this right now because you know that Player 1 is going to score another point and then it will be 40-30 and you’re RIGHT!!! So then player 2 scores another point and then its 40-40, or deuce. (Pronounced “doose”) Now, either player has to score 2 points in a row in order to win. Say player 1 scores a point. Player 1 has the advantage point, and if player 1 scores the next point, player 1 wins the match. The same for player 2. But if Player 1 scores a point when it’s deuce and player 2 scores the next point, it goes back to deuce. This can continue for a LONG, LOOOOONG time, trust me.

I hope that wasn’t the most boring thing you’ve ever read, learning how to score is better in person, or just by watching the Tennis Channel. I will post the more exciting stuff, and for people who already play Tennis, I will post drills, and ways to get better.


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3 Comments on “How to Score Tennis”

  1. Ilan Says:

    This is a smart idea for a site. I play tennis and i will continue to come back here for drills and whatnot. Good job scott. Scott could you please comment on the about page at my blog. Not many people have commented there yet. THanks!
    Scott: Thanks! I thought it would be interesting to run a blog just about a sport. I plan to go from step 1, how to score a match, to step 2, the parts of a tennis court, and on and on until I reach drills and stuff. Thanks!

  2. allie4544b Says:

    I play tennis too!!! And agree with you, the dueces can take FOREVER!!!!!!!

    Scott: Yeah, last week I was playing a set of 5 with my friend and it was the 5th match, we both had won 2, and it was deuce. It took 1/2 an hour to finish the deuce!

  3. Era Says:

    thank you for infro on tennis. Good job very helpful.

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