The hardest part of the game (For me anyways)!
Here is where you will stand:
Alternate positions between server, ex. if you are on the top blue in a doubles game, you serve, get a point, and then you will serve again, but now on the bottom blue. Same with red, alternate. But if you serve and then hit it out at the top blue, you will stay at the top blue and do your second serve. Ex. It is 30-15. You serve, hit it out, it is still 30-15, and if you hit it in the next serve, it is 40-15.

So you know where to serve now, just a matter of doing it! It isn’t that easy to explain in words so there will be lots of pictures.
I edited in a Tennis ball, but in reality the ball should be much, much higher!

Put your tennis racquet in your dominant hand, and raise it up as high as you can with your feet flat on the ground. Where the racquet’s soft spot is, that’s how high you should throw the ball. There is no limit on how many times you can throw the ball up, but don’t try and get the absolute perfect throw every time, you don’t want one of your advantages to be “My opponent is asleep!” Here is the soft spot on a racquet:
This ROUGHLY the area…

That’s actually the racquet I have! It’s a really nice racquet but the only drawback is that the white tape on the handle gets dirty really fast.
Then, after you have throw the ball up, swing! Follow through with your swing. The racquet should end up down by your left knee if you are right handed and by your right knee if you are left handed.

One thing that works really well for me is this strategy: On your first serve, hit it really hard. The drawback to that is that it sometimes doesn’t make it into the correct service box. So if it doesn’t, then just kinda lob it in…

You should be sideways, not facing the net. Throw up the ball, swing, and you should end up with the racquet by your knee. If you are hitting it for speed you should end up facing the net and your racquet still by your knee.

If you want to get better at serving:
If you already know how, then this drill will help a lot. It works best with 2 people, but one is okay. Get about 10-15 tennis balls, and just stand at the baseline, and serve! Then the other person will return the balls you you when you hit them. That way you don’t have to pick any up. Practice makes perfect!

Hope that wasn’t too confusing!

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