Drills, Practicing, and More

1. This is a warm-up drill. 2 players will each go into a service box and simply hit it back and forth. No hard shots, no overhand, shots, only slow, underhand shots. Like I said, its just a warm up drill.

2. Backhand Drill
You can do this one of 2 ways. If you just have yourself, go to your garage OR a local Tennis court with a wall and just hit backhands against the wall and hit them back and stuff. If you have 2 people (This is the better option) then you go on one side of the court and your partner goes on the other. Somewhat like a game, you hit the ball back and forth, but you can only hit backhands. No forehands, no whatever. The only way to learn how is to do it.

3. This Drill will REALLY help doubles players. You will need 3 people. 2 are on one side of the net, and 1 on the other. The person alone on their side of the net will feed tennis balls to the doubles players on the other side of the net, and the doubles players will eventually work out which ones to hit, which ones to not hit, which ones to let your partner hit, and more. The most important thing is to NEVER just stand and let the ball go by!

I will write another post soon with more drills.

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