Warm-Up Drills

Hey Everyone! I haven’t posted in a while simply because the outdoor tennis season is over. But because there are still places you can play, I’m going to list some drills you can do to warm up because most of you probably haven’t played in a while.

First off, you should always stretch. It doesn’t matter if it is July or December. Always stretch.
Some good stretch warm ups to do are stretching your arms across your chest (Ex. Your left arm is stretched across your chest and is horizontal stretching to the right, and vice versa). Also use your other arm to push it against your body. This is easier while sitting on the floor. Hold each arm for 20 seconds, then do the same for your other arm.
Now, you should start stretching your legs. Start by hugging one of your legs against your body using your arms. Hold it for 20 seconds, and then do the same for your other leg. Do this sitting down on the floor.
The last stretch you should do is sit down on the floor, and stretch your legs out on the floor, as flat and far out as possible. Then try touching your toes with your hands.

Now you’re done with stretching, it’s time to start doing some tennis warm-up drills. I’ll list some drills you can do by yourself, and some that can only be done with a partner.

Partner Drills:
A good drill to do with a partner is to each chose a service box (Either diagonal or straight across) and just volley it back and forth. Do not serve overhand, just volley it back and forth. Every time you make a mistake, its a point for your partner. Every time your partner makes a mistake, its a point for you. Go to 7 or 11 points.
Then, do the same except you must hit the tennis ball and it must hit the ground on your side of the court before it goes over the net. This is a little harder, but nonetheless, a good warm-up drill.

Self Drills:
First off you should try playing tennis against a wall. It will always “hit it back” unless you don’t. Hit it a few times, serve it, forehand it, backhand it, practice all types of serves and returns.
The other self drill I would recommend is to hit a tennis ball a few feet up into the air, flip your racquet over to the other side of it, hit the ball again, flip it over, hit it again, and do this as many times as you can.

Hope this helps! 😀
Also Merry Christmas!

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